Jiajun Lu              

Working on the next big thing now!


I am trying to be a full stack researcher and engineer who works on mostly needed projects.


My current main research areas include: Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Interaction Techniques


Email: ljj3423 at gmail dot com, jiajunlu at cs dot stanford dot edu, jlu23 at illinois dot edu


More information in Curriculum Vitae (Resume).



Now I am working on the next big thing. I have my PhD in Computer Science at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States. My advisor is Prof. David Forsyth (Fulton Watson Copp Chair), and I work closely with Prof. John C Hart.


I am lucky to have lots of industry research and collaboration opportunities, which include Microsoft Research Redmond with Andy Wilson, Adobe Research with Nathan Carr et al, Google Project Soli with Ivan Poupyrev and Nokia Here Map Research.


I got my Bachelor's degree from Zhejiang University, majored in Computer Science. I worked in the State Key Laboratory of CAD & CG under the supervision of Laboratory Director Hujun Bao and Prof. Jin Huang.


I worked as an research assitant in UCLA computer science department under the supervision of Distinguished Prof. Wesley W. Chu from the CoBase Laboratory. I also worked in Software Analytics Group of Microsoft Research Asia, under the supervision of Qinwei Lin and Jianguang Lou.